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EBLACKDOG.COM can be used for the following multiple purposes :-

Security Guards Management System -payroll , attendance & billing clients

Eblackdog Is also the

SME payroll

- the payroll for small and medium companies. If you are looking for a simple

payroll software

then eblackdog is the right solution.

Eblackdog Is also
Facility Management erp

Eblackdog is also Stock Management software for security guards companies

Eblackdog is also
Billing System
for facility and security guards companies

Eblackdog is also Exclusive software for Human Resource Outsource Management companies.

Eblackdog.com can be customized for small, medium and large enterprises


  • 1. This is a web based software, hence the software can be managed from anywhere, anytime.
  • 2. This software is done mostly on Indian context. Hence it's a great attraction for the Indian security guard agencies.
  • 3. However if there is a company outside India who would like to use this, can very well use it with small tweaking.
  • 4. Manage multiple branches.
  • 5. Total 10 modules - can be customized for small, medium, large enterprises.
  • 6. Eblackdog is Mobile compatible software.
  • 7. Eblackdog is a cloud based subscription software.