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Welcome To Infraconsoft Road Construction Management Software

"Infraconsoft" a brand product of Nissi Infotech Pvt. Ltd. offers complete end-to-end solutions to the construction companies. We provide this software for handling

Road, vehicle, project, production and tender management

in the construction industry to manage their operations which are spread in various stages and locations.

It's truly Indian software for road, infrastructure and building construction companies and
Equipment Maintenance
. Infraconsoft is a complete scheduling tool specially developed for infrastructure construction. It perfectly suits these companies to manage their Inventory, Vehicle, Production, Tender, Estimation, Branch etc. Using this software can save time and cost by optimizing and controlling the production of large and complicated projects.

Infraconsoft is

web-based construction management software

that can accessible anytime, anywhere. The right software for exceeding project profitability, delivery and quality expectations, Infraconsoft is simple and easy to use, quick to deploy and can deliver tangible returns on your technology investment.

Have you ever wondered having your construction project operating securely online, viewable/editable anywhere in the world? Do you feel bugged to make calls to know the status of the project? Nissi has the solution to ease your work!

Infraconsoft software helps people with different roles and responsibilities work together regardless if they are at the office or job site. The different modules for construction management software’s are Inventory, Vehicle & Fleet, Asset, Payroll, GST Module with Inventory, Project, Production and Tally for accounting purpose. Those, software with brief note follows:


Making Purchase Request & Rate comparison finally the Purchase order

In Rate comparison we have three approvals Basic Approval, Accounts Approval & MD Approval then only we can generate the purchase order.

Without the Purchase Request, Rate comparison & approvals directly we can create the Open Purchase Order during the emergency time.

“@ site” Inventory control

“@site” Inventory “ is to provide security /accountability for the road and construction companies over the Inventory that are being delivered at the “ project site” .

“@ site” Inventory “ provides following information to the CEO anytime:-

  • a. If the Vehicle with material reached the project site ?
  • b. if the material was really delivered to the “project site” ?
  • c. What was the weight of the Material & vehicle together ?
  • d. What was the weight of the vehicle without the l Material?
  • e. The real images of all the above uploaded to infraconsoft by the supervisor @site

Vehicle & Fleet Management

In Own vehicle screen we can create all the types of vehicles and own vehicle

In this screen we can mention all the basic details like as vehicle type vehicle basis, usage cost, Fuel type, insurance renewal date, permit renewal date, FC Date, Purchased details etc.,

Asset Management

In Land Asset we can track the details of Property in Name of , Patta No Seller Name, Survey No, Extend, Date of Acquisition, Purchase Value , Tax Payment details etc.,

We can upload the scanned copy of Land document and Tax document, whenever we required we can download the copies.


Infraconsoft – payroll & HRMS with “touch free - attendance marking system"

Infraconsoft payroll has three major modules :-

  • Infraconsoft - touch free - attendance
  • Infraconsoft - payroll & HRMS
  • Infraconsoft ESI and PF auto payment system
  • Infraconsoft payroll & HRMS module has a powerful sub module called the “Infraconsoft - PF auto payment system” which has the facility to :-
  • auto calculate
  • auto create document for bulk upload the ESI /PF govt portals

GST Module -Integrated with Inventory

The GST Report is auto generated once the GRN Entry is done

In this report we can track the Accessible Amount, SGST Amount, CGST Amount, IGST Amount and also we can download the invoice copy which was uploaded in GRN Confirmation entry.

Project Management (Pre-order confirmation )

In Project Estimation we can create what are all the work types and sub works involved in the Project.

We can assign all the Raw materials, measurement details, qty, Rate etc., involved in the project.

Finally we can view the Total Estimation Cost for the Project.

Project Management ( Post- Order confirmation)

In Project Estimation we can create what are all the work types and sub works involved in the Project.

We can assign all the Raw materials, measurement details, qty, Rate etc., involved in the project.

Finally we can view the Total Estimation Cost for the Project.


All the BOM’S will listed out in Production entry

This Production entry is connected with Inventory Management

Once the store issue done in inventory management against the Production means it will auto reflect in this screen.

Payment & Vouchers (Project wise payment tracking)

In Labour Charge entry we can track the payments of the labours worked for the projects.

Here we can track the payments of Individual project.

In Labour charge bill entry we can generate the bills for each Labour charge entry or we can combine all the labour charge entry into a single bill.

The Labour charge entry can be done Project wise.

Tally* Integration (Infraconsoft Tally Integration module)

Once the GRN Entry done in the Inventory module ,

The bill pass can be generated for the suppliers to track the payments,

This bill pass are integrated with Tally software automatically by using the Infraconsoft tally Integration module (Infraconsoft Account synchronization Tool.)