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website hosting
Welcome to the

powerful hosting plans of Nissi Infotech

Nissi Infotech Private Limited is an Indian company. Our servers are located in data centers of India, US, UK and Canada. If you are looking for

servers and hosting

supported by a dedicated team, who can answer by as many communication modes including phone support, skype support, chat support, voice chats, excellent quality servers with load balancing, high bandwidth, then you have reached the right Indian hosting company.

FTP Space, Bulk Hosting Space

  • FTP Space, Bulk Hosting Space, Multiple FTP Hosting Space
  • Nissi Corporate Mailing Basic - (NCMB)
  • Windows Hosting
  •      Linux Hosting  
  •   Reseller Hosting
  • Dedicated Server
  • Nissi hosting is very much suitable for all the below applications but not limited to

    • Email Hosting
    • Text or Images based websites Hosting
    • Datbase base Hosting
    • Windows Hosting with AccessDatabase
    • Windows Hosting with MS Sql Database
    reseller tab
  • Linux hosting

    plans available at Nissi Infotech are customized for your various needs. We know you have specific needs. So, we provide web hosting for individuals,

    corporate mail hosting

    as well as reseller web hosting.
    linux server tab
  • Nissi hosting give more space for less price so you don't have to minimise the usage of your mails any more.
    • Windows Hosting with MS Sql Database
    • Windows Hosting
    • Linux Hosting
  • Dedicated server hosting, a

    high level web hosting servers for companies

    and web developers. the best suited dedicated server for your web hosting needs.
    • Linux Server
    • Windows Server

We welcome customers for:-

  • Website hosting in India
  • Website hosting in US and UK,Japan and Singapore
  • Portal hosting in India US and UK, Japan and Singapore
  • We have planned our servers so perfectly to suit your Low cost high value hosting requirements
  • High security for your mails and websites
  • High security for the server

website hosting