web development
web development

Web Development

When we say web development , what we mean is the following:-

  • Developing the website as a dynamic site with CMS (content management system) behind the site.
  • The website works in front and at the back end a full software is working . For example a Matrimonial site, shopping cart , job site , school site , car based site, or any other official site that needs a huge software solution behind to process multiple activities of the company.
  • The web development we mainly do with ASP.NET and ms sql as back end. Also in PHP and My sql .

Clickpickmarket .com Shopping cart. clickpickmarket.com shopping cart software is developed and owned by Nissi Infotech P Ltd We can provide the solutions as follows:-

  • 100 products mini shopping cart
  • 500 products medium shopping cart
  • 1000 products large shopping cart
  • Multiple line of products cart
  • Unlimited products cart

We also provide solutions for the pre-developed softwares as follows

  • Clickpickmarket .com Shopping cart
  • Wordpress websites and blog sites
  • Joomla Shopping cart and Blog
  • Drupal cms sites.

We are very good in this since our main operations from our inception was “web based solutions only” anything and every on web based solutions.
In fact all the erp software that we are owning and selling can be classified as “ web development”. All of them are web based software only. Namely the www.infraconsoft.com , developed in asp.net , the eblackdog.com , developed in php mysql , the Logivigil.com developed in asp, the Lioncrm.in developed in php/mysql , antpromsys.com developed in php/mysql and others can be seen in our home page .

web development

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