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Nissi is the most trusted Web design & Best Website development company in Coimbatore serving a variety of clients with its industry-leading web solutions. Get an entire website design and development Services at best affordable price. Web Design usually refers to the design of the website which is displayed on the internet. A Web Designer is responsible for the design of the website. A Web Designer works on the layout, appearance and content of the website.

Web design refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. A leading web design company for best quality website designing services in Coimbatore. We create mobile responsive websites with user friendly design and SEO friendly structure. As the leading Professional web design company india, we have the expertise and experience to offer robust website for small business to corporate and other organizations.

Types of websites Nissi Infotech pvt ltd is designing and developing & maintaining:-

  • 1. Mobile responsive websites for all types of business.
  • 2. Search Engine Optimized mobile responsive websites
  • 3. Ecommerce websites-connected to payment gateway
  • 4. Portal websites where Website itself becomes a software.
  • 5. Maintenance of any such above websites done by others.

Phases we split of and work for a new Web Design :

  • 1. Project understanding
  • 2. Idea creation phase ( ,prototype or template phase )
  • 3. UI Design-(User Interface Design)
  • 4. Testing and Evaluation
  • 5. Delivery amd Maintenance

Project understanding :

First before designing a website we first learn about the company for whom the website needs to be created. We first understand and analyse the requirements of the company and plan accordingly. We Analyse the market competitors to improve the design of the website.

Idea creation phase:-

After learning about the website completely we plan about how to design a website. We have to generate possible design ideas and choose the suitable design for the website. Then the UX designer creates an PA (Prototype Architecture). A PA is used to organize the contents of the websites

User Interface Design :

User Interface Design is all about creating visual components for a website. It is used in a website to facilitate a communication between an application and its user by acting as an intermediary between them. It helps to maintain the website user friendly.

Testing and Evaluation :

Once the website design is completed it needs to be tested.

  • 1. The website needs to be tested for bugs and if any bugs are found it needs to be rectified.
  • 2. Testing for mobile device compatibility. We test the website if its content is displayed perfecty in mobile device.
  • 3. Also it is necessary to conduct a user testing to find how the users interact with the product and collect its data. If any error is found it needs to be fixed.
  • 4. We provide a highly advanced state of art , feedback form so that when the user gives feedback ,they have highest convenience and satisfaction.

In case of following type of websites:-

1. search engine optimized mobile responsive websites (seo website)

Once the above basic website design steps are completed ,

  • 1. the (seo website) work will be started on the site by optimizing the website to the rules of the search engines.
  • 2. check for all the designes that are against the rules of search engines at the same time ensure the design is not disturbed
  • 3. add the keywords that have to be promoted in search engines
  • 4. start the promotion of the website as per the plans signed , more plan details on this can be checked in our exclusive site www.brandforindia.com'

2. Ecommerce websites-connected to payment gateway

Once the above basic website design steps are completed ,the work on the ecommerce site will start .

  • 1. The connection template for the ecom website and its multiple pages
  • 2. The ecommerce software integration to the website
  • 3. The ecommerce site design and development will be based on the type of ecommerce the site namely:-
    • 1. grocery ecommerce site
    • 2. printing ecommerce site
    • 3. garments ecommerce site
    • ...etc...etc..

3. Portal websites - Website itself is a software.

Once the above basic website design steps are completed , we start the work on the Portal websites.

Portal website

A web portal is a specially designed website that often developed to serve as the single point of access for information/or specific service delivery . The web portal we mean can be the ones which are being served for the common interest of the public developed by govt , or common commercial interest of public developed by private enterprise.

The portal site design and development will be based on the type of ecommerce the site namely:-

  • 1. Portal site for specialized cars /
  • 2. Portal sites like yellowpages
  • 3. Portal sites on specific commercial subject
  • 4. Portal sites for specific govt project/scheme

4. Maintenance any such above websites done by others.

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