vehicle maintenance
vehicle maintenance

Vehicle and machinery management

Nissi Infotech private limited Introduces the

vehicle and machinery management solution

with many user-definable features and options. It provides a full range of reports that give you immediate feedback in a periodic basis.

Some of the usual problems faced by industries today listed below:-

  • Not able to track the usual FC dates
  • Not able to track when which spares have been replaced
  • Not able to track when and why the spares are being replaced - when was last a high value spares have been replaced in the vehicle.
  • Where is a particular vehicle now
  • Who is using the vehicle for what purpose
  • If a branch is hiring a vehicle , is there a possibility to know if some vehicle is standing idle in another branch - which can be shifted to the branch which needs the vehicle
  • If a vehicle has been hired from a third party,
    • How much its being used,
    • Any spares have been replaced for that vehicle
    • How much fuel has been spent on that vehicle
    • How much bill has to be paid to the vendor etc
    • Where is the new tyre bought in which wheel?
Our "Nissi Web based Infraconsoft" -

vehicle and machinery management

module has the answer and solutions for all these questions
Vehicle /Machinery/ Maintenance Module:-
  • Vehicle Log book
  • Daily Progress Entry
  • Driver Personal details
  • Daily Position Report
  • Fuel consumption monitoring Report
  • Vehicle-Maintenance Report (Buses & Lorries)
Expenses Report
  • Annual Expenses [Ex: FC,IC,RC]
  • Spares Expenses
  • Electrical parts
  • Body job
Maintenance expenses
  • Renewal Report
  • Renewal Cost Report
  • Vehicle Permit Report
  • Vehicle Transfer
Traffic system controlling
  • Driver schedule
  • Driver performance monitoring
  • Driver status on Route
  • Route details
Tyre Maintenance
  • Wheel servicing
  • Re-treading
  • Monthly Expenses statement
  • Tyre History card

Hired Vehicle Details:
  • Hire Vehicle Bill Generation(With Approvals)
  • Hire vehicle Position Entry (Daily Running Km Monitoring)
  • Maintaining/Closing Hire vehicles
  • Close Hire Vehicle after Agreement Period Over
More Facilities
  • Branch wise the vehicles can be tracked and managed
  • Third party vehicles can be managed
  • Any number of branches can be added
Technical Specifications:-
  • Add a computer - expand:- The software runs in a web based server hence any number of staff can use this without any need of special installation of any software
  • Accessible from any part of the world:- software is a web based software so it can be used from any part of the world.
After Sales Support:-
  • Instant support :- The support for this software - Nissi can provide anytime sitting from its office since the software is web based and accessible and rectifiable immediately when the support call reaches its office. No travelling time is wasted.
  • Nissi provides 24 hours/365 days server side support
Thanking you and expecting your order to streamline the vehicle maintenance of the company and increase the profitability by effective vehicle management.
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