mailing soultions
mailing soultions

Mailing solutions


mailing solutions

provide corporate users to have a complete control over their corporate communication. The solution is aimed at providing dedicated server for an efficient webmail application which can be used by all the employees in your organization. We provide host of features for easy and efficient communication. Our full-featured email solution offers secure, scalable communications at a fast pace which today's businesses require.
Our software will be installed on a set of dedicated servers. We will manage the administration, security, backups, upgrades, and all aspects of these servers and the software used on them. You do not have to have a technical staff on hand to manage your organization's email. All you have to do after you sign-up is create your employees email ID's and start using!.

Domain Email Services

Facilities we are including :-
  • Spam protection for all the emails individually
  • Control panel for you to create the emails yourself
  • Change passwords of the email ids yourself
  • Facility to create separate folders in the email id and drag and drop the emails in those folders
  • Search for a email using a keyword
  • Web mail - facility to check email using browser - anywhere -anytime - any country
  • You can create any number of email ids for your company exclusively
  • The facility will be ready and you can use the service in 36 hrs
  • If you like to host your site you may host it in this space
  • We will provide you the ftp with login details
  • You will be able to upload and download files
  • You can use the same space for mailings
We allow you to have multiple domains for multiple companies in the same space
(eg,, etc).
  • Telephonic support
  • Email support
  • Chat support
  • Skype-yahoo-msn -gmail voice support
  • 24 hrs email support
  • Payment 100% advance
  • Service tax 12.36% extra for indian customers
  • Overseas customer need not pay service tax
  • Payment modes:-
    • You may deposit cash or check in our ICICI BANK - 615205035710 in the name of Nissiinfotech Private
    • Limited for quick process
    • If the local intranet is conflicting with the online we may use the other domain of yours for the email space.
    • You can increase the space any time as per the need
  • Space and domain are renewable every year.
Dedicated corporate email server
Corporate mailing solutions are designed for corporate companies who would like to have their
  • Own mailing server but the server Managed by Nissi Infotech
  • And manage all the emails themselves
  • Manage the passwords, create new email ids.,
  • This solution is for those companies who like to have 500 and above email ids and more
  • Exclusive E-mail address is provided to every individual of a Company/ Corporate.
  • Its your own e-mail address,
  • You need not worry any more about security of your mails.
  • We set up a dedicated email server for you.
  • We will give you the full control of this server
  • We will train you on how to manage this server , we will also provide our maintenance support for you to manage any kind of problem if any
  • The full server will be your emails only and it will not be shared with anybody.
  • We set up this server in our data centre in US and Canada or In India
If you are interested in this please send mail to