web based inventory
web based inventory

Web based Inventory

web inventory

We provide

web based inventory

solutions for the following 3 domain of business.
  1. Web based inventory for Road and Construction Companies - www.infraconsoft.com
  2. Web based inventory Restaurant & Food Industry www.nissichefcoffee.com
    a. Nissi Chef Coffee - Multiple Restaurant Management - Web based inventory
    b. Nissi Chef Coffee - Catering Management - Web based inventory
  3. Infraconsoft - Web based inventory for Interior Decoration & Readymade Kitchen
  4. Click Pick Market - Inventory for departmental store

Web Based Inventory Management System

for all business houses dealing in inventory / stock including engineering, electronics, civil constructions and textiles.

Introducing web based inventory to do your "Business without burden"
  • Have you ever thought you are almost carrying the burden of your stock on your shoulders? Does it give you sleepless nights?
  • During a business negotiation have you ever felt the need for a facility to log into your web based inventory software and check the stock position and sign the deal?
  • Have you ever asked your staff for the current inventory position and got the report after much delay?
  • Have you ever thought of a system where you would be able to view the stock position of your company, current billing status, re-order level of your stock, balance of stock position in all branches in the convenience of your home ,airport, car, or anywhere, any time?
Even if your answer is no to all above, have you felt you need an excellent

web based inventory software

to manage your inventory from anywhere, anytime? Then you have landed in at the right place now, please check the features of our software.
Web based inventory highlights:-
  • Approve a purchase, by click of a button.
  • Download all your web based inventory software entries into your tally accounting software in a click of a button.
  • Tell your staff confidently the position of your stock and billing amount even before they give you a report about that.
  • Centralized inventory control for all retail stores (Outlets).
  • Accurate stock valuation.
  • Splitting and Merging of Purchase Orders and Goods Receipt Note (GRN). Internal items transfer between outlets based on the availability of stock.
  • Bill-To-Bill settlement.
  • Generate a wide variety of Analysis reports
  • User defined Weighted Average and FIFO basis costing calculation
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Export reports into different formats like xls, pdf, xml and txt.
Web based Inventory Modules Core Functionalities
  • Item Category/Item Type
  • Item Master
  • Store
  • Branch Items
  • Supplier / Supplier with Items
  • UOM / Department / Group and Group Type Masters
  • Vendor Rating Configuration
  • Purchase Transactions
    • Purchase Requisition Entry
    • Prior Purchase Order
    • Purchase Order
    • Open Purchase Order
  • GRN Transactions
    • GRN Entry
    • GRN Inspection Entry
    • GRN Confirmation Entry
    • Purchase Return
  • STN and Store Issue Transactions
    • STN Requisition Entry
    • STN Inward / Outward
    • Store Issue
  • Bill Passing
  • Reports
  • Online Billing
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