logistic management
logistic management

Trasportation Management Software

logistic software
This software has been developed mainly for the logistics companies who have problem in managing their fleet. Software can be called as

fleet management


logistics software


LogiVigil, software is for the exclusive use of the Lorry transport management companies. LogiVigil is to track the trips and collection, Number of loads per month, vehicle spares issued, tyre maintenance, trip sheet and all that is required by a Lorry transport company.

Modules included:-
  • Vehicle Master Modules
    • Broker Details.
    • Driver Cleaner Details.
    • Incidental Expenses.
    • Own Vehicle name.
    • Repair Maintenance Details.
    • Spare Details.
    • Vehicle Capacity.
    • Vehicle Diesel Rate.
    • Vehicle Route Details.
    • Vehicle Type.
  • Vehicle Transaction Modules
    • Own Vehicle Details.
    • Own Vehicle Oil Entry.
    • Trip Sheet Entry.
    • Vehicle Log Book.
    • Vehicle maintenance.
    • Vehicle Spare Details.
    • Vehicle Tyre Details.
  • Vehicle Report Modules
    • Bata Report.
    • Cleaner Report.
    • Diesel Calculation.
    • Driver Cleaner Performance.
    • Driver Report.
    • Maintenance History.
    • Month Wise Trip Details-Report.
    • No Of Own Vehicle.
    • Own Vehicle Position Report.
    • Pending Payments.
    • Renewal status-Own.
    • Trip Sheet Details.
    • Tyre History Card.
    • Vehicle Cumulative Details.
    • Vehicle details report.
    • Vehicle maintenance - Report.
    • Vehicle monthly workinghrs.
    • Vehicle Status Report.
    • Vehicle total workinghrs.
    • Vehicle Spares Detail-Report.

logistic software