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construction software
Infraconsoft, has emerged as the sole solution provider for

Road and other construction industry to manage

their operations which is spread in various stages and locations. Infraconsoft perfectly suits these companies to manage their Inventory, Vehicle, Production, Tender, Estimation, Branch etc and finally connecting all these to their Tally accounting software (The accounting software which is widely used in India) Infraconsoft is a web based software and hence it enables the companies to have information on their finger tips from anywhere , anytime. That is why we have coined this slogan "tracking to triumph" . Please check the highlights and modules of the software.

Infraconsoft modules - Web based
  • Inventory management
  • Purchase management
  • Vendor Management
  • Vehicle, Machinery and assets Management (Vehicle tracking coming soon)
  • Production management (production of various items)
  • Stores management
  • Payment and vouchers (recording payments being done to contractors and labours)
  • Tender management - Estimation
  • Payroll
  • Accounts (all these modules are integrated to) Tally (Indian) Accounting software.
Key Points:
  • Know and track even the minute details of the inventory of the company
  • Freedom of using software at user's own convenience like at Home, car, airport, etc., 24/7
  • Expensive & comprehensive solutions at concise form and affordable cost
  • No need to maintain costly local servers
  • Adding additional branches, and new user at a branch is a "click of button."
  • Re-Order level - email alerts
  • Online Bill Passing
  • FIFO / LIFO methods in stores
  • Stock transfer between branches
  • Vendor Rating/Vendor management
  • Integrated, centralized, purchase approvals and Purchase order generations
  • All minute spares of vehicles with part number is stored the Inventory.
  • FC, Insurance renewal alerts and emails
  • Hire charges bill with deductions
  • Fuel consumption Monitoring
  • Complete features of payroll with remote attendance monitoring-connected to biometric or swipe /access cards
  • Tally Integration
  • Selective Data Transfers to Tally
  • Access Login control with permissions
Reports (Inventory)
  • Indent Reports
  • Purchase Requisition status
  • Purchase Order Report
  • Stock Transfer Report
  • Stock summary
  • Ledger
  • Daily Issue cost Report
  • Purchase Requisition Report
  • GRN Report
  • Local Purchase Report and host of other reports
Reports (Vehicle Maintenance)
  • Vehicle Log Book
  • aily Progress Report
  • Maintenance Report
  • Transferring Report
  • Vehicle branch wise position Report
  • Total working hours Report
  • Fuel consumption Report
  • Tyre tracking Report
  • Renewal Reports
  • Hire bill Report
  • Sales scrap reports and host of other reports
We are sure "Infraconsoft" can provide excellent control and ease of operation and expansion the moment this is installed in an organization. We are expecting you to use "Infraconsoft" in your organization and track all activities, keep all under your control which will ultimately lead your organization to a further great triumph and profits.

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