helpdesk software

In every organization, CEO's assign various tasks/instructions to their staffs. But, CEO's have no time to remember all those instructions. In order to overcome these obstacles, we provide Nissi Help Desk Software, a web based multi user customer support software.

It will help in streamlining your customer service by tracking every single task. Assign tickets to your staffs and view team performance metrics at-a-glance with the dashboard.

Tickets which are in the status of opened, closed, overdue, reopen, created etc., can be filtered and by knowing these status you will prioritize and discuss your team's work in full context with complete visibility. Staff directory will help in maintaining the details of the employees in your organization. Monitoring the activities taken on your tickets is very easy and this will save you valuable time.

It is designed in a way to be used in all kind of industries. It has many top notch features and very user friendly.

Manage your team... and your business.

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