restaurant sotware
restaurant sotware
Nissi Chef Coffee Catering Management

Welcome to Nissi Chef Coffee – Catering management software, a web based ERP software solution for catering businesses to manage all aspects of their events business with single comprehensive software for the convenience and ease of handling events without worries. This software application combines the total management of catering from customer order management to staffing and resource allocation.

Along with restaurant business also needs some useful catering software to get their line of work. By taking this kind of catering software it is extremely ease to handle your business and staffs as well.

To be successful as a caterer you should choose the catering software that best suits to handle all your business needs. So that, we installed software on your computer, it makes it real easy to hold the bills with a Point-of-Sale (POS) system. With this you can maintain an easy account of all the sales and purchases made, helping you double your profits with catering to get new customers, operate more profitably and build more repeatable sales.

Check out some modules we have:

The entire arrangements like catering, servicing, hospitality will be completely handled with this software just like having a cup of coffee.

Our easy-to-use web-based catering management software is made simple for users so that they are able to access their data from anywhere, anytime with worry-free security.

We are always striving to build strong relationships with our existing clients and future customers. We offer free live demos for anyone looking to get hands on experience and learn more about our renowned catering software.

Admin Module

  • Company Master
  • Branch Master
  • Kitchen Department Master
  • User Creation
  • UOM Master & UOM Conversion
  • Raw Materials
  • Cooked Item Materials
  • Bill of Materials
  • Supplier Master

Inventory Module

  • Branch with items
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Quotation Entry
  • Purchase Order
  • GRN Entry
  • STN Transaction
  • Supplier Payment Details
Kitchen Management
  • Party Menu creation
  • Party Menu Item Listing
  • Party Registration
  • Party Sales Return
  • Store Issue
  • Purchase Requisition Report
  • Purchase Order Report
  • Quotation Entry Report
  • GRN Report
  • Store Issue Report
  • Stock Summary Report
  • Party Order Quotation Report
  • Party Order Registration Report

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