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The market is giving enquiries that are same time sent to multiple businesses. But provides "Fresh /genuine/never used before leads" so that the chances of "Enquiry Conversion" is more. Seo promotion anybody can do but gives guaranteed leads every year. signs contract for 12 months but in most cases delivers the agreed guaranteed leads enquiries before the end of contract date. While most of the business are not doing well, our customers are reporting that the business is good. is able to give more leads to our customers, as they demand more enquiries as their capacity to handle more business year by year.

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  • 100% return on investment - the risk is ours and enquiries/leads are guaranteed to be delivered
  • If we are not able to

    deliver the leads

    within promised time, then the contract is extended free until the promised leads/enquires are delivered
  • We will take care of your google adwords, adsense, analytics, and social media promotions. After all after doing these entire all you need is "leads/enquiries", we promise to deliver that. Leave that botheration to us. You take care of your business, we take care of providing you the much needed enquires and leads.

How to start?

  • We always recommend our customers to start with the lowest plans and once satisfied upgrade to higher plans. We offer plans to be paid on quarterly or yearly basis
  • If you pay on yearly basis you get 1 month discount
  • Whenever the promised leads are delivered, you have the option of upgrading the plan to higher plans where we deliver more leads per month
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