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application software

Application Software Development

Nissi Infotech offers customer focused

application software solutions

, working in close tandem with the client, their requirements and specifications.

Development of customized software

catering to the needs of a variety of industries is our forte. Whether it is a huge conglomerate or a start - up venture, we have the tailor made solution matching your needs.
Nissi Infotech specializes in

developing the software solutions

which can be hosted on a web server. We specialize on hosted application software solutions.
Most of the companies and CEO are now expecting their company to be managed from any part of the world at any time. So, Nissi Infotech wants to provide solution to such specific requirement.

Some of the solutions we are working and we are capable of developing are:-

  • Any Web server hosted -highly technical software that has not been developed till date or the software that has already been developed which has to be redone , updated, upgraded, left by others in the middle , incomplete software solutions.
  • The software which has to be developed from ideation/idea stage
  • The software of your dream
  • The software if developed will bring fortune to yourself and your company
  • Fresh new ideas
  • We are not a company that always try to sell only the solution we have , we always like to work on Knowledge based/highly critical areas where other companies are reluctant to work
  • We can take up this job from any country, as we have rich experience in working with overseas customers for over 18 + years

Please ask us for your specific needs, for every hosted requirement, we have a solution. From the start of our company we have been focused to provide hosted solutions. We have been strengthening our web technology more and more.

If we have to provide you the hosted solution, we need to be strong in server maintenance also. So we have a separate department concentrating on the dedicated server maintenance. So we are strong in all such areas to provide the hosted application software development.

We specialize in developing application software using ASP, ms access and ms sql. We also work on PHP and my sql if the application has to be hosted in a Linux server.

Right from the development of the code to quality assurance, our methodology succeeds in blending, our team's expertise with the actual project cycle.

Our methodology includes:

  • Analysis of customer's requirements
  • Creative design and system architecture
  • Development of prototype
  • Actual development
  • Quality Analyse
  • Timely Delivery

Adhering to strict turnaround times is one of our core objectives. Importantly we also ensure that all our projects are cost-effective and done within budget, always enabling us to achieve our vowed goal of 'customer's delight'.

Our hosted application software is already being focused across a plethora of industries. They include

  • Engineering (Infra - engg software)
  • Construction (
  • Retail outlets (
  • Distributors (
  • FMCG (
  • Logistics ( &
  • Crm (

And many more………

Our core competencies in the field of hosted application software development include:

  • Inventory management
  • Pay roll
  • Human resources
  • Material management
  • Project management
  • Bulk mailing solutions
  • Sales and Leads/following nurturing and management
  • Logistic management solutions
  • Customer relationship management (crm)
We also create and implement software's other than the ones mentioned above according to your requirements with a robust and error-free product to serve you better and provide you with the edge you deserve, over your competitors.

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